Rotary Club of Picton
The Rotary club of Picton was formed in 1943 by a group of dedicated individuals who decided to try to find ways of helping out the world in the midst of the Second World War.
Since its small beginning, the club has grown almost continually to its present size of over 40 members and its classification numbers have grown drastically to keep up with the talents and positions of the membership.
Fellowship, Fundraising, and the pursuit of the Four Way Test in all its members dealings, remains the foundation of the Picton Club in all its activities.
Supporting the needs of the less fortunate locally and around the world is the reason that we have several fundraising events during each year. These include the Waterfall tour in April, the Lilac Ride in May, Uncork Canada wine tasting in June, the Wilf Harrison Golf Tournament in August, and our Prize Calender which comes out in the late fall of every year. 
The club distributes to worthy projects in both the local and worldwide communities. An annual program sees a generous donation made to the local Hospital Foundation to purchase equipment needed by the hospital. A $5000.00 bursary is given out as a lump sum or over five years to assist students in furthering their education that might not otherwise be possible. Helping children is our main theme.
Other projects internationally include various water and sanitation projects, seed money to help start up small businesses, efforts to reduce blindness and so forth.

Membership in our Rotary Club is open to men and women from all walks of life.  Please review our Membership link for information.
Some Interesting Club History
Club Executives
President Elect
Past President
Director of Club Service
Director of International Service
Director for Rotary Foundation
Fundraising Liaison Director
Director of Vocational & Youth Service
Director of Community Service